War in Ukraine: 1 year All in one post

Ukraine: One year after Putin’s aggression #Ukraine, where are we now? What is the situation like? What has happened? And has Putin achieved what he set out to do? This article summarizes the current situation.


The beginning of the horrific aggression in the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s forces started on February 24, 2022. The Vadimir Putin’s troops were sent to Ukraine with a clear objective to seize the capital city of Kyiv within three days and remove the current government. Ultimately, Putin aimed to change the governance system and hand over the highlands of Donbass to Russia. If successful, it could lead to the complete annexation of Ukraine. It is a terrifying event that could occur in the future.

In reality, it is not as simple as Putin’s regime has envisioned. Ukraine, under the leadership of President Zelenskyy, has been able to protect the government’s headquarters and the capital city firmly. When asked about Putin’s plan to seize the capital city within three days, President Zelenskyy replied, “He thinks he needs three days, but it has been three months, and he still cannot take the capital.” Therefore, it can be concluded that Putin’s plan, known as the “Special Military Operation,” is not as easy as he thought it would be.

“He thinks he needs three days, but it has been three months, and he still cannot take the capital.”
Zelenskyy Quote

The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis in History

The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis in History: When Putin declared, “It’s a special military operation,” many people may have thought it was a simple matter. However, the reality is much different. In the history of Europe, the Russo-Ukrainian War is considered the largest and most significant event, with an impact on 15 million people who lost their lives and homes.

Although Putin emphasized that it was a special military operation, the truth is that the Russo-Ukrainian War is the largest and most impactful event in Europe since World War II, with over 15 million people affected and survivors facing a severe humanitarian crisis.

Whether called a special military operation or the Russo-Ukrainian War, the truth is that it is a historic and highly impactful event that has far-reaching consequences for people worldwide.

Putin’s objectives for the initial invasion

On the day of the invasion of Ukraine, Putin publicly declared the objectives of the operation, which aimed to prioritize the protection of the safety of the people, especially those who faced ethnic cleansing and genocide, which were significant issues in Ukraine’s current situation. This operation was supported by the Russian government.

To ensure the stability and safety of the people, Putin emphasized the importance of protecting the people in Ukraine, particularly from ethnic cleansing and genocide, and maintaining democracy in Ukraine. This was considered essential for the success of the operation, with the primary objective being to create a democratic environment and provide security for the people of Ukraine, so that Ukraine could become a safe and prosperous place.

This was announced to the world by the Russian leadership.

As soon as the invasion of Ukraine occurred, Zelenskyy called for negotiations. Even though he had previously stated that there would be no invasion, once his call for negotiations went unanswered, on the second day of the conflict, Zelenskyy stated, “The enemy has designated me as target number one; my family is target number two.”

One month after the war.

One month after the invasion, Putin’s goal has greatly reduced. After withdrawing from Kyiv and Chernihiv, the main goal became “liberating Donbas,” which is the industrial region of two Ukrainian oblasts in eastern Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk.

The withdrawal from Kharkiv in Northeastern Ukraine and Kherson in the southern part indicates the failure of the military’s objectives. However, Russia’s objectives remain unchanged and are now focused on the Donbass region of Ukraine instead.

In addition, Putin has taken military control and governance in four regions, namely Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, and held a referendum to annex the territories to Russia. Prior to the referendum, there were reports of Russian officials controlling the area and influencing the outcome.

Furthermore, Putin publicly declared that the territories of Ukraine in the four regions are now considered part of Russia since the referendum. However, the EU and NATO do not agree and consider the referendum illegitimate and fraudulent.

To bolster their forces, Putin has called for additional support and mobilized up to 300,000 troops to join the war. In December, he stated that the war may be prolonged but emphasized that Russia’s goal is to prevent military escalation.

As Zelenskyy appeared to back down from joining NATO, Russia continued to escalate its aggression. However, this ultimately led to Ukraine’s decision to officially apply for membership in NATO.

The Audacity of Putin

Regardless, Putin has compared himself to the success of Tsar Peter the Great’s conquests, including the cities of Mariupol and Melitopol, which were important victories in the narrow Sea of Azov, and have now become part of Russia’s inland sea, which not even Peter the Great accomplished.

Charge the Viewer

However, despite Putin’s confidence, he cannot deny the truth that he has been increasingly isolated from many countries, oppressed, and has traveled abroad less frequently (except for Belarus). He has chased down media and people who oppose him with “FAKE NEWS” charges.

And Putin has lost his friendship with Ukraine to the West, as Ukraine is clearly aligned with the West and the EU, and even the West has opened up to Ukraine in ways it never did before. The EU and the UK support Ukraine with weapons and the economy to help them win this war.

The fact that international leaders bet on #Ukraine against Russia means that this war will not let “Russia win.”

Summary of the War

However, after following this war for a year, there have been both correct and incorrect predictions. The only thing we know from this war is that “we don’t know what Putin is thinking and what he will do next.” #1YearofUkraineInvasion

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