Long time no see

Long time no see, everyone! I have not written for a long time. Several days and months passed, and I had a lot of odds feelings, I can’t explain. I think when I write something down it will make me feel better, I hope.

Let me explain for a few weeks what’s the thing happened in my life.

I have been studying in law school, for a bachelor. It’s quite fun but sometimes I feel confused about my emotions, not exactly because of the study work.

past few months I met the psychiatrist. When my emotions break down. Make me can’t sleep for a long.

I cannot concentrate on my job, have no responsibility ability, have no passion. Someone told me that freak it’s happened to me because she looked at me as a passionate person, umm so do I.

However, I have to confront this problem that cannot tell everyone, I believe no one can truly understand me, I try to look around wider, I also have a good partner by my side,

I have never been like this before, I think I have enough to look for someone, but she doesn’t know the whole me yet. I cannot predict her face when she knows all of me, Isn’t she run away?

A lot, I meant a lot, problems have been happening with my physical me and my soul, must live in the present, and I can through it in the end.


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